About Derek

Almost everything you should know about Derek.

Derek’s from a floor laying family – his father and three brothers have all been floor layers.  Derek started learning his trade at age 15 and then left school the day after his 16th birthday and became an apprentice floor layer to his father George.  That was over 40 years ago and Derek is still at it!

He takes great pride in a fast, efficient and quality service.  He can offer a lot of flexibility to his many clients, both large and small.  He will work long hours rather than let any one down when his days are full, knowing that it can sometimes be difficult for his customers running a construction project to juggle all trades and that domestic customers appreciate getting their house back to normal as soon as possible.

He is happy to give advice and recommendations over the phone or do a site visit.

Despite Derek’s life-long dedication to flooring, he much prefers playing drums in local bands or snatching a few hours off to take in the countryside on his motorbike!

Derek has two children, Katrina and Bradley with his first wife, but answers to Viki Jacobs, his second!  Viki runs the office and admin side of Derek’s business, so you may get an email or call from her.